Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Years Disillusions

With Christmas now safely behind us and we prepare ourselves for another year, the questions begs to be asked.  What is your news years resolution?  Bah!! I say Bah!  How long have we had these damnable resolutions anyway?  In my experience these "resolutions" have done more to harm a person than they have to help them.  For instance, if you make a goal to quit smoking year after year always saying "this is the year" Well my friend every time you fail at a supposed resolution which we as a society are encouraged to honor your psyche falters and your self image plummets.  Recognize this "New years resolution" for what it is, a marketing scheme set up by the corporate America to tell us what we should do with our bodies.  By now all the commercials should be flooding into your mind of how they push this on us.  Every year its the same song and dance commercials saying you are too fat, too weak or too unhealthy. Don't get me wrong I encourage all people to improve themselves and their health at every chance it for the right reasons not because they're offering a sale on nicotine patches or weight watchers. Do it for you, for your family but don't do it for the commercials and marketers do it when you you want and how you want, don't wait for some stupid arbitrary date.   Remember my friends you are beautiful no matter what the one-eyed demon (television) says, we are all children of the cosmos, perfect and complete we just need to have a little faith in ourselves.  So turn off your TV and listen closely to the quiet voice beckoning you to be happy.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Holiday Reflections

As I sit at my writing desk pondering all that has transpired over the past couple weeks i am left a realization, a Eureka moment hit me.  Throughout my adult life I have loathed the Christmas season, for a myriad of different reasons but primarily the consumerism infuriates me.  It is also important to state that throughout my adult life I have worked in the restaurant and retail industries.  Have you ever been in a place of business the day after Thanksgiving and heard Christmas music playing?  Well take to time right now to say a word of prayer to the poor souls that had to listen to Jingle bell Rock and Frosty the Snowman for a month straight.  This year has been unique in that my exposure to the a fore mentioned music has been minimal thus altering my view of the holidays.   This year was the best Christmas I remember having in a long, long time thanks to my sheltered way of dealing with shopping and socializing.  This however doesn't touch on my core disdain for the Season, which is people.  Now don't get me wrong I like people well enough, just not people around Christmas.  For instance I was standing at the self check-out line at Albertson's and a women was in front of me with two small children trying their best to make a great escape.  The mother is being patient and firm whilst waiting for an open station. Out of the blue a couple sneak past her and jump her place in line while she is tending to her children this happens three more times before I step in and put an end to it.  I just want to know truthfully why people around the holidays become hateful and rude. Is it the pressure of the holiday or the cold?  Because it's like a switch that gets flipped every year like clockwork.  Please help me understand this social phenomenon.  Do you see the same behavior or am I just a Grinch?

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Flash Fiction Update

Greetings friends, as the holiday flies towards us at break-necks speeds it is important as ever to sit back and enjoy a good short story to get your mind off all the hubbub.  Take a moment and read about Bernen's newest adventure, and the last as a child(from here on out it gets a bit more adult). We will be posting more of these stories after the holidays have passed keep in touch and keep reading.

 To read the story follow this link.

Merry Christmas
Nathan J Lawcynell

Friday, December 9, 2011

Too tired to rant...

It wasn't that long ago when I had an opinion for just about everything, particularly politics.  I wasn't embarrassed or ashamed about my social views and I was even bold enough to even talk religion.  I kept up on current events and watched the news (Daily Show, Stephen Colbert) in order to keep my bitching relevant with the times.  Now everything is different, a fire has burned out inside me, a passion for knowledge died away leaving me cold and empty.  At first I was concerned, I mean it was my trade mark to be witty and relevant about news and events but all that changed when I just woke up and didn't care, it was like a blindfold being removed.  I just realized this morning that its not that I don't care about current event or politics or war or the occupy movement, or starving children all around the world; its just that I'm too tired to stand on my soapbox day after day trying to share the truth with people, trying to open their eyes to how the world really is.  Maybe that zeal and cynicism will return in time but then I just ask myself;  Where are we going and why are we in this hand basket?

Until next time...
Be well and be aware.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Flash Fiction Fun

I am currently working on an ongoing story for a friend of mines store.  The story follows a fictional character named Bernen who grew up on a tobacco farm in North Carolina sometime in the early twentieth century.  This story is illustrated be Jeff Cochran who manages to capture the feel of the story and really bring it to life.  I  encourage everyone to experience this form of storytelling it's challenging and rewarding.  If you care to read the story go to remember that updates are added every two weeks or so.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bad driver stories wanted

    I am continuing with my project and would like to gather as many bad driver experiences any of you my have had. These experiences will be used in a serial killer story I am working on. Be as long or as brief as you wish and have fun writing it.  Thank you all for your input.  What do you hate most?  No turn signal? Speeding up when you try to pass?  Anything works give me your story, I know you have one.  Bad drivers are everywhere. 

Until next time Be well and be aware

Thursday, December 1, 2011

War on the horizon?

Could it be that as we still recover from our most recent war in the Middle East ,  another more horrible war waits just below the horizon.  I am not the most informed, or the most educated with regards to these topics but I do know the turmoil with Iran and its neighbors have been a hot topic for many years and my bones are telling me a point of no return has been crossed an event horizon if you will.  As the world's police force the US will certainly intervene with our children's lives at stake.  I am not one to preach doom and gloom I am however feeling something in the air, a static or charge resonating through me   Could it really be happening?  I hope and pray that its not, we have had enough blood shed, our children deserve better from us, our children's children deserve better from us...

Until next time
Be well and be aware
N.J. Lawcynell

Friday, November 18, 2011

Changes coming soon

As I move forward with my plans to publish my stories this page will be seeing some improvements.  As some of you may have noticed I removed some of my stories that I was posting, these stories will be available at a later date as I have them edited and revised for publishing.
This time of year can be very stressful to the inexperienced cook.  If you find yourself in such a predicament shoot me an email with your problem and I will attempt to offer you advice on the dinner or dish in question.  I can generally look at a recipe and offer ways to tweak it and make it better.  Feel free to ask away I am happy to help.  I also have a few recipes on hand that I would love to share just let me know what you are looking for and i will try to help.

Till next time,
Be well and be aware.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Occupy thoughts and ideas

In this time of civil unrest and disobedience I am left with but one emotion.  Hell Ya!!! My entire life I have known that something was wrong, that the world was an illusion.  What do you mean by illusion you may ask?  Well an illusion is a trick a form of misdirection if you will.  When the world was introduced to the 24 hour news media in the late eighties the game changed.  We now had master illusionists with more time that ever to influence the ready to follow masses.  As this social oddity became the norm, stories seemed to sensationalize, turning from the objective viewpoint, to the ratings minded news conglomerates. My earliest memory of reality T.V. was the Oliver North trial.  I was too young to follow the trial in any meaningful way but I remember thinking it odd that it took up so much air time.  Then came O.J. which opened the flood gates to this strange social phenomena of keeping us, the people so entranced in the lives of famous people that our ideas of reality shifted.  This willingness to be pacified gave the powers that be, a freedom they had never experienced in this country.  Next thing you know bills are being signed and legislation is being passed before they are even read.  What are the news corporations doing? Sure they are covering it, but the headline stories are of fear and doom, this keeps the population too drained and tired to evaluate what is happening right under their noses, from their elected officials whose sworn duty is to represent them.  In my humble opinion I think the whole lot should be fired, lets get some real people in the office not the same old families and the same old money.  I challenge you to take the time and occupy the thoughts and ideas of your friends and loved one by planting the seeds of compassion and wisdom, through your actions and words.  March on my friends, let your voices ring, do not give up, and do not falter, our time has finally come!!!

Be well and be aware

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Stupid politics

First and foremost it is important to give you, the reader, a quick synopsis of my platform.  The government as we know it is a farce.  How is it that so many crooked people can still have jobs?!?  It's like a recycling program for otherwise unemployable white men.  I have a number of years in business management and if an employee dropped the ball as often as my government drops the ball for its people, I would kick them to the curb, quickly.  I am not going to advertise my ignorance by quoting some obscure legislation.  I do know however, in the depth of my being that I am being lied to, we all are.  What can we do about it?  In a strange way I think we are all fortunate, more has changed socially, technologically and spiritually in the span of my short life than has in the any other 30 year span throughout the entire known history of humans.  Hell, it took thousands of years before we learned to tie a sharpened rock to a stick.  In closure I encourage all of you to ask questions, on your blogs, to your friends, and to your elected officials.  We as U.S. citizens have three duties; Jury duty, voting and the census.  Let's add one more, lets ask more questions, don't blindly follow, educate yourself and then you will truly be free.

Till next time my friends be well and be aware.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Another story begun

            Large drops of rain tapped angrily at the stained glass windows, black droplets formed into rivers which crisscrossed back and forth across the colorful mosaic.  Distant thunder rumbled and growled across the evening landscape.  Cencio sat hunched over a large document uncurled across the top of his massive mahogany desk.  His fingers hovered just above the brightly painted Egyptian hieroglyphs which covered the surface of the ancient manuscript which he dared not touch.  Cencio's eyes danced over each hieroglyph, each flash of lightning filled the room with liquid shadows which cascaded down the cold stone walls.  A loud knock at the door woke Cencio up from his studies. 
            “Enter,” Cencio commanded, his voice was dry and weak.  The large oak door opened quietly, a small bald head peaked timidly through the threshold. 
“Cardinal Cencsio,” his bald sweaty head bowed. “The counsel sent me to...ah...They request your presence,”    His eyes shifted back to the ground to stare at the colorful carpet adorning the floor.
            “Tell them I will come when I am prepared!” Cencio slammed his fist down hard on his desk, pain shot up his arm, stealing his breath away.  The small head disappeared with the door closing as quietly as it had been opened.

Monday, October 31, 2011

A.K.A. Earth(beginning chapter of a new story)


            In accordance with the Intergalactic Counsel of Evolution and Life Migration and the Board of Contact Protocols, the following document has a two-fold purpose.  First and foremost, it is the intention of this investigating body to deliver our findings to the Academies at the galactic center for posterity and future study.  The second purpose of this counsel is to guide and instruct the intelligent inhabitants on this “Earth”. 
            The intelligent beings on this world call themselves humans; they are a warring race with little or no concept of how the universe is organized or maintained.  Through careful planning and studious observation, it is the opinion of this scientific body to prepare two documents, one for the libraries at the Galactic Universities and the other for the humans.  This unprecedented approach is a response to the unprecedented race of the two-brained humans.  As the time approaches for final contact, our purpose remains as true today as it was when we first arrived on their moon four and a half million solar years ago or 1/57 of a galactic year.  In order to appeal to the independent nature of these humans we have concluded that it would be wise to present the information to them in the form of a book or manuscript.
This document is essentially the same to the one sent to the Universities, only tailored to the limited thought patterns and word symbols of their planet.   This method of disclosure is not the preferred method for the indoctrination of these peoples to the Galactic family.  We are left with little choice due to the violent nature of these bipeds and the inevitability of their space bound ambitions.  In the distant past our relationship with the inhabitants was natural and open however as time progressed the races became more and more isolated.  This early isolation led to a severe sense of cultural superiority and social amnesia, with cycles of each repeating. This destructive cycle continued with no real evolution of the species occurring over two thousand solar years.  It is the hope of this research body, to educate the inhabitants of “Earth” and assist them in taking their place with us amongst the stars.    

An amazing man departs

I would like to take time to say goodbye to my stepfather who just passed away this weekend.  He taught me compassion, spirituality and patience.  I feel fortunate to have known him and been a part of his life.  I know now that he is free from the Alzheimer.  I will see him again, at some point in the infinite.  Today I prepare my bags to fly to Virginia and visit with my mom and brother. Death is a road we all must travel, despite that knowledge the feelings of loss and sorrow still hang heavy on my soul. Good bye Ernie, I love and will miss you.  Thank you all you taught me, not just through your wise words but through your actions and character.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

This is the beginning of a short story that I am working on, I hope you enjoy

Jennifer woke to the sound of an explosion outside her bedroom window.  Thinking it was an earthquake Jennifer jumped from her bed and she ran into the bathroom to hide in the tub.  The entire apartment building shook with the blast. Car alarms whistled and blared up a down the city streets.  Jennifer lay curled up in her tub for what felt like an eternity.  Smoke began to curl and twist across the ceiling, the black smoke stunk of chemicals.  Soaking a nearby towel with cold water, she covered her mouth and nose.  Jennifer knew she had to leave the building if it was on fire, she was 34 stories up.   Her heart pounded in her chest and ears as she bounded down the stairwell.  The building rocked again sending pieces of plaster and concrete raining down on top of her.  
She had only made it ten stories down when a door burst open filling the stairwell with the black, sticky smoke.  A man consumed by flames ran across the landing and tumbled down the flight of steps his screaming ended abruptly with a sharp crack.  He laid in a burning crumpled heap at the bottom of the stairs, his skin crackling and splitting, like a hotdog cooked too long over a fire.