Friday, December 9, 2011

Too tired to rant...

It wasn't that long ago when I had an opinion for just about everything, particularly politics.  I wasn't embarrassed or ashamed about my social views and I was even bold enough to even talk religion.  I kept up on current events and watched the news (Daily Show, Stephen Colbert) in order to keep my bitching relevant with the times.  Now everything is different, a fire has burned out inside me, a passion for knowledge died away leaving me cold and empty.  At first I was concerned, I mean it was my trade mark to be witty and relevant about news and events but all that changed when I just woke up and didn't care, it was like a blindfold being removed.  I just realized this morning that its not that I don't care about current event or politics or war or the occupy movement, or starving children all around the world; its just that I'm too tired to stand on my soapbox day after day trying to share the truth with people, trying to open their eyes to how the world really is.  Maybe that zeal and cynicism will return in time but then I just ask myself;  Where are we going and why are we in this hand basket?

Until next time...
Be well and be aware.

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