Sunday, January 22, 2012

Trillion Dollar Lawsuit?!?!?

Greetings and Salutations my friends,

    Today I come to you with some VERY exciting news.  In order to avoid demonstrating my ingorance (which I tend to do) I will just share with you the gist of the information that I have stumbled across, to plant the seed in your consciousness.  To some this may come across as old or outdated info and that's ok.   From what I understand this information is confirmed and underway are you ready?
   An expatriot living in Eastern Europe has begun a lawsuit involving 117 countries.  This lawsuit is directed at The Rockefellers, The Rothschilds, The Carnegie Foundation, The Federal Reserve, The Vatican and The World Bank amongst many others.  It has been reported that after an audit on the Federal Reserve that they [ the Fed] gave $26,000,000,000,000 (Trillion) to banks such as UBS, Bank of America., J.P. Morgan and other large coropartions around the world.  This money, our money was given with no letter to congress or senate.  They literally stole the money and lied about it.
   OK, you say, so what?  Well the share holders of the Fed also hold a majortiy of the shares in the businesses and banks they "bailed" out.  They gave themselves the money!!!  Information on this is just beginning to surface.  Go to  to research the info for yourselves.   An example of what is being uncovered is that our education system has been owned and operated by  The Carnegie Foundation since the mid 1800's which is when the switch was made to standardized testing thus ending the era of critical thinking in our schools.  Don's take my word on this go look for yourselves, research, prove me wrong and tell me all about it.   It's about time we took the power back we have been transformed over decades to be sheeple.  (According to a recent study  95% of the public follow blindly.)

    Has the time come?   Are we going to finally meet the puppet masters that have been steering us from tragedy to tragedy in the name of personal greed and power?  Is the nightmare over?  All I can do is hope, hope that we the people of this planet get to unite and resume our destiny as humans, not Americans, Canadians or Africans, just people.
    Well I hope this helps stir some thoughts and begins a journey of information, let the light shine on this information, lets remove these tyrants and move on with our natural evolution of growth and self-discovery.

Until next time,
Be well and Be aware
Nathan J. Lawcynell

Here a few more links to help your research

Friday, January 20, 2012

What is vs What if

Greetings friends,

    Today I am going to put my heart on my sleeve and discuss with you my personal worldview.  Please have an open mind and realize that these are my opinions that I chose to hold close to my heart, I am not making any attempt to sway your reality or concepts of the world.

     Let us begin with the what is.  As many of you know we are living through some tumultuous times,  between the changing weather, collapsing economy and a planet that weeps for relief it is no wonder that people from all around the world are crying--no screaming--for real change.  As I write this the magnetic poles are inching their way around the globe, this is not unheard of or paranormal but it just adds to the list of unique circumstances.  Last year was the most destructive year with regards to natural disasters ever recorded, breaking almost 300 previously held records.  Ice caps are melting before our eyes faster than imagined, not only on Earth but on Mars as well.  In fact, the entire solar system is heating due to greater output by our marvelous star that we call the Sun.  This phenomenon is being blamed on a interstellar energy (plasma) cloud the solar system is currently moving into.  This cloud excites the planets and changes their weather and plate-tectonics.
Refer to these links for more info:

     If that is not enough lets take a moment to discuss our current political dilema.  Clowns to the left and Jokers to the right about sums it up.  It is my personal opinion that all the candidates are bought and paid for by the same people/corporations despite their current party affiliations. If you think about from the corporations point of view it is a wise move to invest in both candidates so no matter who wins(presidential campaign) they will support your cause.  I'm not even going to talk about the vast ocean of lobbyist that kick and scream their interests into bills, most of which are harmful to the average American citizen.  I know this is a lot of crap I'm dishing out but if you take the time to look it up you will see that I am only scratching the surface of shit-shoveling.  To assist you in your own fact-finding en devours I have posted a few sites to get you started and they are as follows:

     Allow me to get a little more fanciful for a moment and discuss the spectacular rise in UFO sighting all around the world.  Recently Fox News admitted and endorsed the sightings watch the news reel for your self at:

    Ok so...That's about it in a nutshell according to my little corner of the planet.  I have left a lot of material out by choice to save space and time at this juncture.  Now I will take time to talk to you about the what if...

    What if the world is entering into a new time, a new paradigm where we as humans will experience a flash evolution occur?  What if the feelings of unity and oneness beginning to blanket the globe are a taste of whats to come?  What if our family from the stars are going to land a greet us as brothers and sisters, anxious to show us the wonders of the Cosmos?   Is it so hard to imagine that we are more than we have been told that we are. All we know is work, bills and taxes.  We have been slowly pushed into these rolls over the centuries of wanting more money so we can buy, buy, buy.  Does that really feel natural?  Is our sole purpose to be born, work, consume and finally die broken and tired?  NO!!! I can't be, we are natural of this planet and our behaviors have led to the utter destruction of our environment (certainly not natural) is has to end.   I can't express enough to you my brother and sisters how important it is to open your hearts and minds to the potential of the what if, of the what could be.   This is a natural state for humans to ponder the world and look at it in wonder and sheer awe, for that is precisely what it is.  There would be no science without imagination, no progress, no evolution.  Lift the lid off the box you have been comfortably living in allow the light of you imagination to shine on the rest of humanity for we need it, we crave it, join us in the world of what if and questions.  Its beautiful here, free and open to expression,  the only key to your shackles is you, just open your mind and remove the fetters of what is and travel to the stars of your imagination asking what if...

Until next time,
Be Well and Be Aware
Nathan J. Lawcynell

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The begining of the end?

As I watch the world continue its self-destructive downward spiral.  With a body count on the continual rise, I have to ask.  When does this nonsense end?  When will the money run out?  Resources are being used faster and faster our freedoms are evaporating, leaving only a mirage of what once was.  Between the health care system that cares more for their budget than the patients they have taken an oath to serve.  The financial system that serves no other purpose to society that to shuffle non-existing currency around make-believe markets, thus perpetuating the cycle of imaginary worth and overall social irresponsibility.  When will the stupid end?  I think of the story when Jesus ran through the temple square knocking over tables and vendors, enraged at people making money in God's house.  People making money off others religious beliefs.  Yet here we are 2000+ years later making the same mistakes, fighting the same fight.  We hide behind veils of self-worth (ego) and convince ourselves that we are special, that we are chosen.  What do you have when everyone thinks they are chosen, special in the eyes of God?  You have wars and strife its that simple.  We have so much potential, so much to share with the galaxy and the Universe.  The time has come for us to open our eyes and our our hearts to the reality of existence, the reality of love.  Its time to trade in our weapons and aggression, learn to open our hearts to the true meaning of the human experience, creation.  When God said we were made in his image it wasn't physical form being referred to, it was the ability to create, to manifest something from nothing.  This inherent trait is shared by us all yet we are blinded by consumption and money.  We have to learn to let go, release ourselves from the grip of this consumer-based lifestyle. Embrace the infinite and open our eyes to the truth.  Not the truth being spewed forth from the media but the truth that quietly whispers in your ears, the truth that begs to be heard.  Are you brave enough to listen, wise enough to act or are we going to give our children a broken world and a shattered society are we really that cruel?

Until next time,
Be well and Be aware
Nathan J. Lawcynell

Thursday, January 5, 2012

House project from hell!!!

Have you ever felt that the world was against you? That no matter what you did it just wouldn't get any better well watch this video about what my wife and I went through.  With no experience, barely any money and nowhere else to go.  The house project from hell!!! And yes this will be a memoir at some point.  Urban camping at its finest

Welcome to the new America!!!

    To those of you that live in Boise this will not be new information, however, I have an opinion dammit.  As of January 2nd a smoking ban in the city of Boise has become law- you heard me- a bona fide law, meaning that despite the fact that I purchased my cigarettes legally as an adult I am unable to smoke in public.  So, when I go downtown to spend my hard earned money and relax after a week of toil and work I am now threatened with a $45 ticket if I lit up.  Allow me explain my smoking etiquette before proceeding: 
First rule, never smoke around children, its bad form and extremely rude.  
Second rule, walk away from the crowd before you lit up, though I am a smoker I hate walking through a cloud of smoke on my way into a business.    
Third rule, have some damn sense, don't litter, cigarette butts last longer that we do so toss 'em in the trash or pocket it if no trash receptacles are available. 

    The reasons for the smoking ban-through my limited channels of information-have ranged from environmental concerns-which I will touch on later-to health concerns for the community.  Now lets look at these two senerios which supposedly led to this new law being enacted.
    The environmental argument: Cigarette smokers contribute to global warming (I'm sorry, but WHAT!!!) Idaho is redder than red politcally, this is not an opinion but electoral college fact.  Who has been the biggest opponent to global warming? Well...Republicans so I'm suppose to believe that the most Republican state in the Union now has such a great concern for the environment that it will waste police officers' time and taxpayer dollars to do the right thing and not allow smoking in the noble attempt to cut down on greenhouse gases.  I ask you this, how many times have you walked by an empty police cruiser that is idling in the parking lot, hmmm no smoking eh?  As much fun as it is to discuss the environment aspect I have to think that is false.  So lets take a look at the health aspect of this new law.
    Cigarettes are bad!!! no ifs, ands or buts about it. However so is everything else we do.  Fast food for lunch anyone?   What about a gallon of coffee throughout the day, or the handful of medications that we take without thinking only because our doctors say its safe and will make us feel better?  64oz Big Gulp anyone? Mm-mm sound delicious.  I'm suppose to believe that my government cares about me health?  Ha! Do me a favor and take a little time to research the FDA, you may actually plant that garden you've been thinking about after you do.  There is nothing in government that really cares about the individual, its sole purpose is that of any business, to make money and convince the shareholders (you and me) that they are doing the best they can with what they have.  That's the reality, every president in my lifetime as been no different its all about the Benjamins.  This is where I could say, its always been that way, but that would be unfair and ill advised.  This country has been sliding down a slippery slope of lies and financial corruption.   This however, is a relatively new phenomenon our for-fathers were a different breed, revolutionaries and would most certainly be shunned as lunatics and left-wing fanatics if they where here with us now.  Hell, Thomas Jefferson grew hemp and smoked it whilst watching the sun go down behind the Blue Ridge Mountains. Its recorded in his journals and memoirs.  This new law is the same as any other, it was born of emotional impulse and sets the precedent for other laws.  When does it stop?  Where is the line drawn, where freedoms are taken one at time without question until we have none left.  Is this the new America?  Is this what we are heading toward?  Bit by bit piece by piece our identity is stripped away and we left with a confused shell, an apparition devoid of hope only living our day just because that's all we have left.  My soul screams for freedom as it slips through my clenched fingers, only to become a memory, both distant and foreign.  Grab your freedoms, hold them tight against your chest, become informed, talk to your friends and learn to give a damn.  We are at a tipping point, and if we fall, well, this America will be nothing more than a story told to our grandchildren. 

Thank you reading and please tell me your thoughts I am eager to hear them.  Tell me your story, your view.  Have you seen similar tales or do you just think I'm a loony that needs to be locked away, cause that's cool too. 

Until next time be well and be aware