Sunday, January 22, 2012

Trillion Dollar Lawsuit?!?!?

Greetings and Salutations my friends,

    Today I come to you with some VERY exciting news.  In order to avoid demonstrating my ingorance (which I tend to do) I will just share with you the gist of the information that I have stumbled across, to plant the seed in your consciousness.  To some this may come across as old or outdated info and that's ok.   From what I understand this information is confirmed and underway are you ready?
   An expatriot living in Eastern Europe has begun a lawsuit involving 117 countries.  This lawsuit is directed at The Rockefellers, The Rothschilds, The Carnegie Foundation, The Federal Reserve, The Vatican and The World Bank amongst many others.  It has been reported that after an audit on the Federal Reserve that they [ the Fed] gave $26,000,000,000,000 (Trillion) to banks such as UBS, Bank of America., J.P. Morgan and other large coropartions around the world.  This money, our money was given with no letter to congress or senate.  They literally stole the money and lied about it.
   OK, you say, so what?  Well the share holders of the Fed also hold a majortiy of the shares in the businesses and banks they "bailed" out.  They gave themselves the money!!!  Information on this is just beginning to surface.  Go to  to research the info for yourselves.   An example of what is being uncovered is that our education system has been owned and operated by  The Carnegie Foundation since the mid 1800's which is when the switch was made to standardized testing thus ending the era of critical thinking in our schools.  Don's take my word on this go look for yourselves, research, prove me wrong and tell me all about it.   It's about time we took the power back we have been transformed over decades to be sheeple.  (According to a recent study  95% of the public follow blindly.)

    Has the time come?   Are we going to finally meet the puppet masters that have been steering us from tragedy to tragedy in the name of personal greed and power?  Is the nightmare over?  All I can do is hope, hope that we the people of this planet get to unite and resume our destiny as humans, not Americans, Canadians or Africans, just people.
    Well I hope this helps stir some thoughts and begins a journey of information, let the light shine on this information, lets remove these tyrants and move on with our natural evolution of growth and self-discovery.

Until next time,
Be well and Be aware
Nathan J. Lawcynell

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