Thursday, January 12, 2012

The begining of the end?

As I watch the world continue its self-destructive downward spiral.  With a body count on the continual rise, I have to ask.  When does this nonsense end?  When will the money run out?  Resources are being used faster and faster our freedoms are evaporating, leaving only a mirage of what once was.  Between the health care system that cares more for their budget than the patients they have taken an oath to serve.  The financial system that serves no other purpose to society that to shuffle non-existing currency around make-believe markets, thus perpetuating the cycle of imaginary worth and overall social irresponsibility.  When will the stupid end?  I think of the story when Jesus ran through the temple square knocking over tables and vendors, enraged at people making money in God's house.  People making money off others religious beliefs.  Yet here we are 2000+ years later making the same mistakes, fighting the same fight.  We hide behind veils of self-worth (ego) and convince ourselves that we are special, that we are chosen.  What do you have when everyone thinks they are chosen, special in the eyes of God?  You have wars and strife its that simple.  We have so much potential, so much to share with the galaxy and the Universe.  The time has come for us to open our eyes and our our hearts to the reality of existence, the reality of love.  Its time to trade in our weapons and aggression, learn to open our hearts to the true meaning of the human experience, creation.  When God said we were made in his image it wasn't physical form being referred to, it was the ability to create, to manifest something from nothing.  This inherent trait is shared by us all yet we are blinded by consumption and money.  We have to learn to let go, release ourselves from the grip of this consumer-based lifestyle. Embrace the infinite and open our eyes to the truth.  Not the truth being spewed forth from the media but the truth that quietly whispers in your ears, the truth that begs to be heard.  Are you brave enough to listen, wise enough to act or are we going to give our children a broken world and a shattered society are we really that cruel?

Until next time,
Be well and Be aware
Nathan J. Lawcynell

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  1. Wow! I really enjoyed reading this, some real home truths. Thank you for sharing!