Thursday, December 1, 2011

War on the horizon?

Could it be that as we still recover from our most recent war in the Middle East ,  another more horrible war waits just below the horizon.  I am not the most informed, or the most educated with regards to these topics but I do know the turmoil with Iran and its neighbors have been a hot topic for many years and my bones are telling me a point of no return has been crossed an event horizon if you will.  As the world's police force the US will certainly intervene with our children's lives at stake.  I am not one to preach doom and gloom I am however feeling something in the air, a static or charge resonating through me   Could it really be happening?  I hope and pray that its not, we have had enough blood shed, our children deserve better from us, our children's children deserve better from us...

Until next time
Be well and be aware
N.J. Lawcynell

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