Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Years Disillusions

With Christmas now safely behind us and we prepare ourselves for another year, the questions begs to be asked.  What is your news years resolution?  Bah!! I say Bah!  How long have we had these damnable resolutions anyway?  In my experience these "resolutions" have done more to harm a person than they have to help them.  For instance, if you make a goal to quit smoking year after year always saying "this is the year" Well my friend every time you fail at a supposed resolution which we as a society are encouraged to honor your psyche falters and your self image plummets.  Recognize this "New years resolution" for what it is, a marketing scheme set up by the corporate America to tell us what we should do with our bodies.  By now all the commercials should be flooding into your mind of how they push this on us.  Every year its the same song and dance commercials saying you are too fat, too weak or too unhealthy. Don't get me wrong I encourage all people to improve themselves and their health at every chance it for the right reasons not because they're offering a sale on nicotine patches or weight watchers. Do it for you, for your family but don't do it for the commercials and marketers do it when you you want and how you want, don't wait for some stupid arbitrary date.   Remember my friends you are beautiful no matter what the one-eyed demon (television) says, we are all children of the cosmos, perfect and complete we just need to have a little faith in ourselves.  So turn off your TV and listen closely to the quiet voice beckoning you to be happy.

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