Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Stupid politics

First and foremost it is important to give you, the reader, a quick synopsis of my platform.  The government as we know it is a farce.  How is it that so many crooked people can still have jobs?!?  It's like a recycling program for otherwise unemployable white men.  I have a number of years in business management and if an employee dropped the ball as often as my government drops the ball for its people, I would kick them to the curb, quickly.  I am not going to advertise my ignorance by quoting some obscure legislation.  I do know however, in the depth of my being that I am being lied to, we all are.  What can we do about it?  In a strange way I think we are all fortunate, more has changed socially, technologically and spiritually in the span of my short life than has in the any other 30 year span throughout the entire known history of humans.  Hell, it took thousands of years before we learned to tie a sharpened rock to a stick.  In closure I encourage all of you to ask questions, on your blogs, to your friends, and to your elected officials.  We as U.S. citizens have three duties; Jury duty, voting and the census.  Let's add one more, lets ask more questions, don't blindly follow, educate yourself and then you will truly be free.

Till next time my friends be well and be aware.

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