Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Occupy thoughts and ideas

In this time of civil unrest and disobedience I am left with but one emotion.  Hell Ya!!! My entire life I have known that something was wrong, that the world was an illusion.  What do you mean by illusion you may ask?  Well an illusion is a trick a form of misdirection if you will.  When the world was introduced to the 24 hour news media in the late eighties the game changed.  We now had master illusionists with more time that ever to influence the ready to follow masses.  As this social oddity became the norm, stories seemed to sensationalize, turning from the objective viewpoint, to the ratings minded news conglomerates. My earliest memory of reality T.V. was the Oliver North trial.  I was too young to follow the trial in any meaningful way but I remember thinking it odd that it took up so much air time.  Then came O.J. which opened the flood gates to this strange social phenomena of keeping us, the people so entranced in the lives of famous people that our ideas of reality shifted.  This willingness to be pacified gave the powers that be, a freedom they had never experienced in this country.  Next thing you know bills are being signed and legislation is being passed before they are even read.  What are the news corporations doing? Sure they are covering it, but the headline stories are of fear and doom, this keeps the population too drained and tired to evaluate what is happening right under their noses, from their elected officials whose sworn duty is to represent them.  In my humble opinion I think the whole lot should be fired, lets get some real people in the office not the same old families and the same old money.  I challenge you to take the time and occupy the thoughts and ideas of your friends and loved one by planting the seeds of compassion and wisdom, through your actions and words.  March on my friends, let your voices ring, do not give up, and do not falter, our time has finally come!!!

Be well and be aware

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