Monday, October 31, 2011

A.K.A. Earth(beginning chapter of a new story)


            In accordance with the Intergalactic Counsel of Evolution and Life Migration and the Board of Contact Protocols, the following document has a two-fold purpose.  First and foremost, it is the intention of this investigating body to deliver our findings to the Academies at the galactic center for posterity and future study.  The second purpose of this counsel is to guide and instruct the intelligent inhabitants on this “Earth”. 
            The intelligent beings on this world call themselves humans; they are a warring race with little or no concept of how the universe is organized or maintained.  Through careful planning and studious observation, it is the opinion of this scientific body to prepare two documents, one for the libraries at the Galactic Universities and the other for the humans.  This unprecedented approach is a response to the unprecedented race of the two-brained humans.  As the time approaches for final contact, our purpose remains as true today as it was when we first arrived on their moon four and a half million solar years ago or 1/57 of a galactic year.  In order to appeal to the independent nature of these humans we have concluded that it would be wise to present the information to them in the form of a book or manuscript.
This document is essentially the same to the one sent to the Universities, only tailored to the limited thought patterns and word symbols of their planet.   This method of disclosure is not the preferred method for the indoctrination of these peoples to the Galactic family.  We are left with little choice due to the violent nature of these bipeds and the inevitability of their space bound ambitions.  In the distant past our relationship with the inhabitants was natural and open however as time progressed the races became more and more isolated.  This early isolation led to a severe sense of cultural superiority and social amnesia, with cycles of each repeating. This destructive cycle continued with no real evolution of the species occurring over two thousand solar years.  It is the hope of this research body, to educate the inhabitants of “Earth” and assist them in taking their place with us amongst the stars.    

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