Saturday, February 25, 2012

My journey to find my voice

Hello friends,

As some of you may have noticed I have been deviating from my original blog posts in which I introduce my current writings and shorts stories.  The purpose of this respite was to remove the self-imposed pressure I was putting on myself to write.  In my journey to find my voice I have not only found what I was looking for but I have also found a great deal more.  My initial problem with this whole author thing was selling or attempting to sell my works.  This concept of actively trying to sell my work left a bad taste in my mouth since all I wanted to do was share my stories and experiences with those that cared to read them.  I have no problems with others trying to sell their wares its just not for me I want to share my writing not sell it.  "Well that's ridiculous" you may say and you may be right but I can't deny my feelings on this.  In the days ahead I will be posting more and more about the new stories that I am working on, which will be vastly different than any other project I have worked on in the past.  This evolution so to speak is not only in my writing but it has also had a profound impact on my entire being. I look forward to begin introducing these new stories from time to time and I hope you the reader enjoy my work.  As I develop more and have more stories to share I will be simply asking for donations for giving my stories away.  I am aware that money makes the world go 'round but my stories will not be part of that capitalist system I would rather work from a charitable point of view and those that wish to offer some financial support may do so from their own freewill.   So with that being said I have two stories that I am prepared to email to you at your request free of charge no questions asked.   The two stories that I currently have available are A Time to Forget and Devon and Paula.

Shoot me an email at to request a copy of one of stories in Microsoft word format.

Until next time
Be well and Be aware
Nathan J. Lawcynell

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